Other projects

2012 – 2018




  • Matteo Graziano – dance piece ‘Analog Voids‘ (artistic advisor, performed in Berlin and Amsterdam, April/September 2013)


  • Speaker at an evening with theatre maker Arlon Luijten (on ‘the sublime in the arts,’ The Hague, September 2012)
  • Moderator at a talk between physicist prof. dr. Erik Verlinde and composer Louis Andriessen at De Kring (Amsterdam, January 2012)
  • Successful crowdfunding for hard//hoofd: raised 30.000 euro’s in two months (project manager, November 2011 – January 2012)


  • Bamm TV’s ‘Global scenes: Amsterdam‘-video series (Interviewee, November 2011)
  • ‘Personal’ introductory notes for Morton Feldman’s ‘Piano, violin, viola, cello’ (Amsterdam, November 2011)
  • Rosa Ensemble – music theatre piece ‘Götterfunken‘ (dramaturgy, premiere in Utrecht, September 2011)
  • National protest ‘Mars der Beschaving‘ against art budget cuts (co-organiser/co-spokesman, Rotterdam/The Hague, June 2011)
  • Ilay den Boer – theatre piece ‘Zoek het lekker zelf uit (music advisor, premiere in Utrecht, May, 2011)
  • Matteo Graziano – dance piece ‘Meta:Morphosis‘ (sound design, performed in Amsterdam, March 2011)
  • Moderator at Institut Néerlandais. Conversation between composer Sebastien Gaxie, director of the Ensemble Intercontemporain Hervé Boutry, choreographer Emio Greco, director Pieter C. Scholten and dancers Victor Callens and Vincent Colomes (Paris, January 2011)


  • Panel member (on behalf of hard//hoofd) at Prijs voor de Jonge Kunstkritiek (Brussels, November 2010)
  • Panel member (on behalf of hard//hoofd) at “In Kritieke Toestand?” – Pierre Bayle Prijs voor Cultuurkritiek (Rotterdam, November 2010)
  • Emio Greco | PC – dance piece ‘you Para | Diso‘ (sound editor, premiere in Monte Carlo, July 2010)
  • Ilay den Boer – theatre piece ‘Dit is Mijn Vader‘ (music advisor, premiere in Maastricht, March 2010)


  • Matteo Graziano – dance solo ‘Zero‘ (sound design, performed in Amsterdam and Milan, June/December 2009, January 2010)
  • Presentation at ‘Speculative Peculiars‘ (together with Janne Kromhout, December 2009)
  • Official launch online magazine ‘hard//hoofd‘ (October 2009)